Starting the Journey

I’ve always loved to revisit routes and paths in my memory. Recreating in my mind the roads I’ve travelled and trails I’ve walked helps fill out my personal narrative and provide me with a healthy dose of nostalgia. I think its impressive that the human body is so capable of transporting itself through space often at very high speeds. We are fairly unaffected by this rapid movement, and it is hard to read on someone’s face all of the places they have been. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if individuals recorded detailed personal cartographic logs as a form of spatial biography?

With these thoughts in mind, I thought I would attempt to create a visual representation of the places I have been. I will have to find the proper methods and technologies to properly achieve this and then mentally sort through my past to record my spatial movements since birth. My end goal is to publish an interactive web and a static print map of this data. Hopefully I can accomplish this using open source software and document it in this blog. Each phase along the process will a learning experience that I will share here. I am starting very fresh in most of the technologies I will be using in this process, so I expect to encounter many challenges and exciting learning oportunities along the way.


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